Can't Reach the Lights?

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Can't Reach the Lights?

Call Lighting Care Company

Providing Top-Notch Electrical Contractor and Lighting Services

Lighting Care Company Inc. is an electrical contracting company that offers all aspects of electrical service to customers in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine. From installing light dimmer switches to complete upgrade of lighting and electrical systems, we can do it all.

Who We Are

Lighting Care Company Inc. is a family-owned-and-operated business that has been around for more than 34 years. Our licensed contractors and highly skilled technicians are dedicated to finding the solution to the lighting and electrical needs of our customers.

If There Is a Wire to It, We Do It!

Lighting Care Company Inc. can take care of any electrical and lighting system needs. We are committed to providing complete and quality services. Because we have a 24-hour emergency service, we have electricians on hand at all times to maintain, repair, or replace any minor or complex electrical issue.

Our Services

Whether it’s installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, or repair, our team can take care of it. The lighting and electrical system and components we work on include LED lights, poles, parking lot lights, electrical panels, and flagpole lighting.

We also offer lamp and ballast replacements as well as retrofitting services. If needed, we can perform data coding work for more modern or digital systems.

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If you are in need of premier electrical services, get in touch with us today!